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Submitting a management response

TripAdvisor allows representatives of hotel, restaurant, or attraction management to respond to reviews written about their property. Responses meeting our posting criteria will be displayed on the TripAdvisor site directly underneath the relevant review. We will not post responses directed solely to the author of the review. We will not post responses directed to TripAdvisor staff, or commenting about TripAdvisor policies.

Please note that TripAdvisor may contact the property to verify that you are a representative.

The same editorial guidelines apply to owner responses as to user reviews, and responses containing any of the following will not be posted:

  • Profanity or threats
  • Personal insults
  • Reports of violent criminal activity
  • Commercial web addresses, e-mail addresses or phone numbers for promotional purposes
  • Text entirely in ALL CAPS
  • Hearsay
  • Content not relevant to tourists
  • HTML

Not registered as an owner yet? Visit TripAdvisor.com/Owners to find your Management Center. If you have already registered as an owner, then simply sign into your TripAdvisor account and click "Manage your listing" at the top-right of any page. This will take you to your Management Center.

Once registered and signed into your Management Center, click the "Write a management response" link in the "Quick Links" section.

Note: Before posting your response, read the full management response guidelines.

If you are a vacation rental manager or owner whose listing was added to TripAdvisor via FlipKey or Holiday Lettings, you must submit management responses through the FlipKey website or the Holiday Lettings website. TripAdvisor's Management Response Guidelines apply to all responses submitted via FlipKey and Holiday Lettings.