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Hotels for Health Initiative

Connecting healthcare and government agencies around the world with lodging providers who can supply rooms to healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Connecting hospitals and hospitality

During the COVID-19 crisis, Tripadvisor is connecting healthcare providers with hotels that are willing to provide rooms to support frontline healthcare workers and organizations.

Once we’ve helped you make this connection, we’ll leave it to you to arrange further details.

For hotels:

Please complete the form and let us know how many rooms you can offer. If a healthcare provider in your area requires rooms, our team will pass your details to the provider.

For healthcare providers or organizations:

Let us know what types of accommodations you need and where you need them. We will check our database and share the details of any hotels which match your criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other programs like this?

There are. We're all in this together, so if your organization needs help or has rooms to offer, please consider joining our program via the link above or take a look at programs run by these other leading organizations:

Who pays for the rooms?

While Tripadvisor makes the initial connection, any payment arrangements are determined individually by the organization in need and the hotel offering rooms.

Who should pay for the cleaning fees, utilities and city taxes for the rooms?

Once the connection is made, the healthcare organization and the hotel will need to set the terms of the arrangement - including these details - in a way that’s clear and acceptable to both sides. Being upfront and honest about all expectations is critical in this step.

Is Tripadvisor benefiting?

Tripadvisor will not be profiting from this program. We’re here to help: Our goal in this initiative is simply to support healthcare providers and hoteliers in this difficult time.

I’m a hotelier and I’ve just submitted my rooms via the form. What happens next?

Your information will be added to our secure list of participating properties, which will be shared with relevant governments and healthcare authorities in your area. If your rooms are a match for one of those organizations, you may be contacted by a healthcare provider to discuss next steps.

I represent a health care organization and I’ve just submitted a need for rooms via the form. What happens next?

Your information will be added to our request list and shared with participating accommodations in your area with available rooms. If your needs match an accommodation in our system, we’ll send you an email. If we can’t find a match, we may be able to contact properties in the area to ask for their assistance.

If you have an emergency need, please indicate this in your form.

What types of properties can participate in this program?

We are currently accepting all property types from our accommodation categories, regardless of size or location.

Who can request rooms as part of this program?

The Hotels for Health initiative is focused on supporting frontline health care organizations and government agencies. The program is not designed for individuals to request rooms for personal use.

What will you do with the data I submit?

We’ll use it only for the Hotels for Health initiative, which may involve sharing details with applicable third parties to facilitate the connections described in this program.

Can I withdraw from the Hotels for Health program even after I have submitted the form?

Yes. Both hotel and healthcare providers can request to remove their details from the Hotels for Health database at any point. Please email to file such a request.

Be a part of the Hotels for Health Initiative

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