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‪Town House Motel‬

‪931 S Gloster St‬, ‪Tupelo‬, MS 38801-6311
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رقم 23 من بين 27 فنادق في ‪Tupelo‬
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فئة الفندق
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انتظار مجاني للسيارات
إنترنت فائق السرعة مجاني (WiFi)
خدمة غسيل ذاتية
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تكييف هواء
ثلاجة في الغرفة
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‪931 S Gloster St‬, ‪Tupelo‬, MS 38801-6311
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This place has a pretty good jacuzzi and a 90 inch flat screen tv in your room. The wifi is the best and I use it to play Rainbow Six Seige with my buddies. I have 2 ping. All my friends are jealous of the 90 inch tv. Softest bed I've ever slept on. Me and my wife and two kids had a blast! And there was a KFC down the street and we ate there every night. I would totally go back. And the neighbors are so nice.The heat switch was very easy to operate. Then there was this nice comfy couch and a good ash tray, the pillows we're prestine, the teal chair was wonderful. There was a good place to keep our pet snakes, We used the bath tub and the 1 sleep with us but he is tamed I guess. We eventually let all our snakes sleep with us and use the bathtub as a beetfarm. Overall good soil they kept in the soap dispenser.
طالع المزيد
It is awful. I got a lot of bites. The room was dirty and what the other people said about the wiring is true. The people staying there were loud and didn't care if you were trying to sleep they just stood outside and yelled and slammed doors , there is no way the owner or manager couldn't have heard it but didn't do anything about it. I wish we would have slept in our car.
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السجاد كانت قذرة. لم أكن أجرؤ على يقع على أي شيء. لقد شاهدت كتبت أنه عضتني حشرات السرير وأن تبادلنا الغرف. الغرفة الأولى لا مفاتيح التحكم درجة الحرارة أو ثلاثة منافذ ذات 3 سنون. الغرفة الثانية انبعثت منها رائحة الدخان. أغطية الفراش كانت مقرفة. الحمامات بحاجة إلى طن من العمل. إن هذا فندق نجمة واحدة. إنه مكان للنوم إذا كنت لا مأوى، لا يوجد مكان آخر. إنه ليس المكان للمسافرين.
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My wife and I stayed here over the weekend. Mistake. The room was very uncomfortable. The whole time in the room was spent ill at ease. I'm positive some guys in the room four doors down were selling drugs from their room. Car after car would pull up, one would walk to the driver's side window, after a quick 'exchange' they would pull away, and the dude would walk back to his room. Also, they 'entertained' the complex with their loud music until about 4 in the morning. There were dead bugs in the room. The TV was probably 25-30 years old. There was a small fridge and a microwave in the room but they were so nasty we were afraid to use them. The bedspread had cigarette (at least we'll speculate it was cigarette and not crackpipe) burns. The walls had stains and cracks throughout. When you flushed the toilet water would spray from the bowl into the floor. It smelled bad in the room. I would not recommend this room to anyone.
طالع المزيد
Date summer 2009. Hubby and I booked a room through a discount web site for Tupelo Ms.It was rated on as a 2 star Hotel. This is what We experienced there. We arrived quite late, after a long Drive. The Gentleman at the night window had our Key ready to go. We picked it up and Off to a non smoking room. The first thing I noticed was someones shoes sitting outside of the room next to ours.We opened the door and walked in to see the following: the bathroom window had toilet paper shoved into the cracks to stop the draft I presume and had cob webs in it, the wall mounted soap dish had very old, crusty soap scale on it, the tiles were cracked,water stains under the sink, the shower had someone elses hairs and shaving residue in it/ soap scum. ( the shower also pulsed off and on if someone flushed next door) and mold in the caulking next to the shower, the bathroom mirror was so old that it had lost some of it glazing, part of the bathroom floor linoleum was missing, there was no safety door latch, so I used the vinyl wing back chair( you know the one with rips and tears and paint all over it?) to wedge under the entry door handle to obtain some feeling of security. there was no fire alarm, the carpet is stained and the room smells of an odor Im not sure what is was.The baseboard molding was very dirty and also had what appeared to be vomit? on it( maybe that was what I was smelling)the walls are scuffed and in bad need of new paint and repair, the night stand had a hole in the top and the dresser appeared to be broken. My pillow case had cigarette burns in it, and also the pillow itself was of some floral burlap type material the sort of which I have never seen before (maybe standard fare in the 60s? & 70s?) ( thank God I always bring my own pillow to hotel and motels) the MIcrowave was stacked on top of the fridge, but the plug in would not reach the outlet, you would have to lift it off the fridge to plug it in, not to mention that the exterior of the microwave handle was nothing less than Disgustingly dirty, looked as though 100 greasy fingers had opened and closed it previous to my seeing it, the inside of the microwave was just as bad, it looked as though it had had some fire in it or something, it was smoked up on the inside. the inside of the fridge also had food particles left in it as well, there were dead insects in the window sills, tears in the curtains, the telephone jack was half ripped out of the wall, rusty, dusty nasty looking vents and return vent, dirt on the light switches. Needless to say I would NOT personally rate this motel as a 2 star motel, im not even sure it fits within any minimum compliance laws there may be for renting rooms to the general public. It was non Hygenic for sure. I spent the night sleeplessy awaiting a bed bug or intruder forcing their way into my room. I give it 0 stars, I would never stay here again nor recommend that anyone else does either, but HEY, the towels were nice and fluffy.. I took pictures of the interior of this room I have included them in this review
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