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‪Kahili Mountain Park‬

‪Kahili Mountain Park‬, ‪Koloa‬, كاواي, HI 96756
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‪Marriott's Waiohai Beach Club‬
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نحن سعداء وجدت هذه الجوهرة الصغيرة! مكان جميل على الاطلاق، الدرب المطروق عند سفح الجبال الخضراء من كاواى. كان هذا هو المكان المثالى للابتعاد عن كل شئ والاستمتاع السلام والهدوء، ولكن على بعد سريعة، سهولة الوصول بالسيارة إلى المحيط، والمتاجر فى بويبو. الملكية المدير كان ممتاز والحلويات جلب لنا أروع كاواى والمانجو في أول يوم لنا هناك - تناولنا لمدة ثلاثة أيام! سوف bacl " =_
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Spent a week in the canvasback cottage one month ago and had a very peaceful amazing experience. Different geckos, lizards, and huge colorful moths adorn the cabin at night ( as well as mosquitoes } ...a beautiful male stray cat would come visit us every evening as it was obviously lonely and was semi used to human contact and being fed. Really lovely cat, passive and affectionate, doesn't belong out there alone. Neon green crickets abound, wild pigs, especially baby ones visited the backyard at night. Roosters and pheasants strut around you as you sip coffee on the porch in the morning. Trade winds boom down from the mountains with a sound that has to be heard to be believed. This place is special, no doubt, and I will never forget it. The SDA conference and the Church has finally succeeded in terminating the current park operators lease. The current land owners and the church do not want the cabin rentals to continue on the property and have been trying to shut it down for years. I was informed by the current park operators ( who are seventh day adventists themselves and lovely people who operate a school on the property ) that reservations will not be taken after May 2014. Pity as I was planning to come back next year. The only hope is that the owners will lease Kahili Mountain Park to a new company that will operate it, which I find doubtful. This 200 acre lush mountain rainforest escape will most likely be developed into residential condos with a possible water bottling plant being set up as well. These are rumors that I imagine will come true unless a miracle happens. Change and overdeveloping areas that are best left untouched. The school will probably be shut down as well. So sad. Best vacation I have ever had....or probably ever will.
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We visit Kauai every year and typically stay at ocean front locations. Wanted to try something new and absolutely loved the beauty, peace and serenity of Kahili Mountain Park. Ridge Trail hike directly from the park has an amazing view of Kauai, perhaps the best of all hikes we've endured on the island First time ever taking a shower outside under the stars and moon. Water was perfect temperature for outdoor showers. The property has dozens of chickens, ducks and peacocks that love to be fed directly from your hand and they love to follow you in a bird parade. We had three baby pigs visit the trees right behind our cabin several nights. This is definitely a place to get in touch with nature and all the other beauty of Kauai that is not centered around the ocean. Would definitely come back.
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It was such a joy to return to the Kahili Mountain Park for another visit. It is a wonderful place, full of beauty and peace. Our cabin was perfect for us and we spent many happy mornings on the front porch drinking Kauai coffee as we watched the sun rise and the clouds drift over the mountains. The cabin was rustic but with the new mattresses and linens and towels it was comfortable and cozy. Penny Brewer and her husband were gracious and accommodating hosts and tended to our needs and made our stay a delight. We loved the unique features of the property: the ubiquitous chickens, the variety of citrus fruit from the trees, the hiking trail to the ridge of the mountain, and the wide open spaces through out the camp. Truly a special place to come and relax, to slow the pace of life and savor the beauty of creation.
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I have been taking my hiking groups to stay here since at least the early 1980s. Penny is an excellent manager and goes out of her to help you get the right cabin or rental house for your party. It is a quiet place to stay amongst nature. We will definitely book there the next time we are on Kauai. Enjoy!
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kahili mountain park koloa
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