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‪Cayuga Blu‬

‪2310 N Triphammer Rd‬, ‪Lansing‬, NY 14850-1012
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US$ 141
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US$ 140
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GlobeTrotting394607 كتب تعليقًا في أغسطس 2021
1 مساهمة
BOOKING MEANS NOTHING!!! Had reserved room 8 days in advance. Arrived at 10pm on date reserved and was told, at the front desk, that reservation had been canceled because they were now housing Cornell's COVID students. Wanted to send me to a sister motel about 40 minutes away. When I checked email, the canceled reservation notification had been sent at 2:25am the morning of reservation. When the front desk person was asked about why notice was not given in a timely manner, I was told that it was not up to them since I had booked through Hotels.com. DO NOT RESERVE THIS MOTEL!!
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: أغسطس 2021نوع الرحلة: سافرت بمفردي
Mary C كتب تعليقًا في أغسطس 2021
‪Randolph‬, نيو جيرسي97 مساهمة38 صوت مفيد
Over several years we’ve stayed at this “motel” through name changes and management changes. Aside from the newest name, there has not been any change to this place that we could tell. The exterior of the building was ill kept with leaves and debris around the walkways and the parking area. The outdoor pool is not up and running. The room we had did have clean sheets and a topper on the bed, but the dingy walls are scuffed from shoe and furniture scraping, the carpeting is depressing, the lighting is inadequate and dismal, and the bathroom while mostly clean, has tiles in bad shape, almost no lighting, and poor/no ventilation. There was a long fluorescent light bar over the sink in the bathroom that did not work at all. The toilet seat was falling off of the commode and my husband needed to reseat and tighten it. The AC unit was loud and abusive all night. We will not stay here again. The breakfast buffet in the morning was very well laid out, and we appreciated the staff keeping the tables clean and ready for the next people coming in. Everything in this dining room was clean and fresh. This, however, does not make up for the room as described above.
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: أغسطس 2021
RichieC018 كتب تعليقًا في أغسطس 2021
أمهرست, نيويورك56 مساهمة6 صوت مفيد
Where do I begin?? The exterior of the building is rough looking, weeds all over, poor landscaping, dirty. Exterior doors do not lock allowing anyone into the building. The outdoor pool that’s listed as an amenity is empty and looks like something out of a horror movie, absolutely disgusting. A section of the roof was also missing, maybe from a windstorm or something. Rooms were outdated with furniture from the 70’s. Carpets felt dirty to walk barefoot on. On the plus side there was a fridge, microwave and small coffee maker. Bathroom was disgusting, tub was rusty, bath mat dirty and from another family, their tub was leaking. The AC was cold but very noisy. Bed linens were clean as were the towels Interior was also very outdated and not very clean, if at all. No attention to detail as there was clearly dirt and dust in places that were visible to everyone. The restaurant was closed except for the free breakfast and the bar was also closed. Those two things would have been nice to have and would have generated a lot of money as a lot of people would rather eat and drink on site as opposed to go off site. The staff was very friendly and accommodating from the front desk clerk to the housekeeping staff. They always said “hello” or “Good morning” and were very helpful. The district manager was very prompt in responding to my email and was able to accommodate my request to check out a day early. The one negative with the staff was there was at least one guy I saw who I actually thought was a bum waking the halls, turns out he was part of the housekeeping staff. Dirty clothes, disheveled appearance, wearing only a plain white T-shirt. Breakfast was actually very good, we only managed to eat one day (Saturday) which consisted of buffet with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast, coffee and juice. During the week I was told there were 3 choices for sit down style meal. I think with this place can be a very legit place to stay if someone invested some money and time in it but right now I wouldn’t recommend this place unless you have exhausted every other option or if you’re willing to “get what you pay for” in a very poor hotel.
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: أغسطس 2021نوع الرحلة: سافرت مع الأصدقاء
نصيحة بشأن الغرفة: If you stay on the second floor get a room near the elevator because there’s only one and you’ll...
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nikki8375 كتب تعليقًا في يوليو 2021
جزيرة ستاتين, نيويورك147 مساهمة133 صوت مفيد
I don't understand the poor reviews of this hotel. It is not filthy, common areas didn't smell and it wasn't run down. To put things in perspective, if anyone read the plaque outside you'd know that the building was constructed in 1971. If the layout of the building is exact from the original 1971 design I would say that this hotel is not only appropriately designed for today, but was cutting edge back in the 70s. The building is large and is centered around a courtyard. In the courtyard is an outdoor pool, which unfortunately was not open during my stay (7/2-7/5/21). There is also outdoor seating at wrought iron tables which is perfect to eat a meal or just enjoy the crisp air. Inside the hotel, the lobby is cozy with a fireplace and two seating areas. Just beyond the lobby is a business center with two computers and a printer. Across from the business center is the on-site restaurant. The restaurant has been closed for costumers since Covid began, but during the July 4 weekend they hosted an outstanding breakfast buffet consisting of eggs, bacon, sausages, French toast, pancakes, orange juice and coffee. I usually stay at hotels that offer free breakfast and am stuck eating from paper plates and waiting on line to make my own waffles. This was by-far the best complimentary breakfast I've had at a hotel. We sat at fully set tables and used actual flatware and silverware. We estimated that a breakfast like this would have cost about $15-$18 per person, had we had to pay for it. The ladies restocking the food, pouring our drinks and clearing the tables were working so hard, but were always friendly. We made sure to leave gratuity after each meal (3 mornings). In the common hallway outside the restaurant you will find restrooms (the ladies' room was stocked with complimentary feminine products), banquet rooms a small workout room with nice machines and the indoor pool. The banquet rooms were very charming and each had a cozy fireplace. The indoor pool complex was a nice treat for the kids. I was saddened to see that what looked like might have been a Jacuzzi was closed as was a sauna. Again, this place was designed in the 70s. I can only imagine that this was a top of the line hotel for the time. There were separate bathrooms in the pool complex with showers. The indoor pool lead out to the courtyard and the outdoor pool. It's probably a lot of fun to pool hop when both pools are open. Now for the rooms. First, the carpets and wall coverings leading to the rooms are very warm and muted. The carpets have geometric designs and the walls are light greens and browns. Our room, 159, was a very large double bed room. I will say, there was a musty smell upon first walking in. It didn't bother me or my kids, but my husband has sensitive senses. We solved our problem but going to the store in the plaza across the street and buying a disinfectant spray. We had more than enough space for 6 duffle bags, 2 adults, 2 teenagers and two 55 pound dogs. Each bed was very comfortable, had quality linens, a great comforter and wonderful plush pillows. The AC ran cold, and the water in the bathroom was hot. The refrigerator was great for keeping our waters cold. There was no microwave in the room, but there is one in the hotel lobby. Also, in the lobby is 24-hour coffee and chilled water with lemon. Back to the room description, the bathroom seemed to be semi updated with a new countertop and a new tile floor. The shower tiles seemed older, but not from the 70s, and were very clean. There was no housekeeping in the sense that they would enter your room to clean it each day, rather they give you a card to complete if you need to request service or items. We never have housekeeping service our room anyway since we travel with our dogs. The perimeter of the building had some flowers and plants, which brought color to the area. I especially loved the window boxes outside the restaurant area on the patio. The petunias were overflowing! There were some overgrown areas, but as I was leaving on 7/5 I saw a man pulling weeds and trimming bushes. As for the people saying that the place smelled like marijuana, luckily I didn't smell any, but hey when you live in/visit a liberal state like NY with a Governor who legalized pot how can you fault the hotel. I will say this, though, there were many lovely families staying this weekend, but there were also some questionable people. They were very loud, playing soccer in the parking lot, blasting Spanish music, etc. Again, you cannot fault the hotel for this. People think that because they rent a room they are entitled to do whatever they want. That was solidified by the empty box of Stella Artois they left on the lawn and the McDonald's Happy Meal and Sunny D they left of the steps of one of the back entrances to the hotel. There are a few areas that this hotel can improve upon and that would be installing locks on the the exterior doors. There were a minimum of 8 entry points into this hotel and not one of them required key access. There are many shopping areas, the Ithaca Mall and a bus stop in this area. I am not a nervous person, but I couldn't help to think how easy it is for some whacko to walk into the hotel for whatever reason at any hour of the night. Another tip is that since this is a dog-friendly hotel they should designate a doggy relief area and install poop bag stations. Dog owners who travel with their pets are very responsible and always clean up after their dogs, but there are so many places for the dogs to go which can affect the plants and bushes, so it would be best for management to designate an area to avoid any damage to the shrubbery. Each employee we encountered was always pleasant and said hello. If you are visiting Ithaca I recommend a stay at Cayuga Blu. This place is really nice, accommodating, has great amenities and is located near a lot of shopping and restaurants. For those saying that it is dump or is filthy, believe me it is neither. I've stayed a true dumps in Key West, FL; Upper Peninsula of Michigan; San Simeon, CA; San Francisco, CA. Cayuga Blu is a well-kept property with a great staff! Also, please take note that many places in Ithaca are having trouble hiring staff. I've seen Now Hiring signs at Chili's, Dollar Tree, shops at Ithaca Commons and other areas around town. Cayuga Blu was advertising ":Summer Jobs Available". I believe they are doing the best they can with the staff that they have on hand. I look forward to visiting them again on my next trip to Ithaca, as I just can't get enough of the waterfalls and Cayuga Lake!
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تاريخ الإقامة: يوليو 2021
جودة أماكن النوم
نصيحة بشأن الغرفة: If you are bringing a pet ask for a room on the first floor close to one of the exits.
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