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‪42 Depot Rd‬, ‪Truro‬, MA 02666
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This lodging is 5 minutes from Pamet Harbor and has full size refrigerators for your bountiful catch. There is also a grill for your fresh caught fish. It's clean, quiet comfortable and there's plenty of space. The value is outstanding. It's much better than a hotel room because you have a little apartment for the price of a room.The owner lives on the property and is very helpful. I only gave it four instead of five stars because the bathroom we had on our last visit was a little cramped. That's really a small drawback considering all the space you have.
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My husband and I decided to take a last minute fishing trip to the Cape. The Gingerbread House was near where we wanted to stay but the studio apartment was taken. Jane, who is a very gracious and knowledgable innkeeper, offered us the captains quarters for an extremely fair price. It's a two bedroom apartment with a full kitchen, living room and furnished porch. The bathroom is small but sufficient. It's a vintage house and a very quiet neighborhood. There is no A/C but Jane has plenty of powerful fans in every room. Jane who lives on site in another building had excellent recommendations for activities because she's lived here her whole life. It was a sweet find and I'm glad we stayed here. This entire property is super clean.
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It's a little hard to know exactly how to describe the Gingerbread House, a very pleasant property on a back road in Truro, a quick drive from a multitude of bayside and ocean beaches and from the cultural wonders of,Provincetown. We first visited this place -- which rents out several apartments and rooms at what I suspect is a v fair price for the location -- over 25 years ago, when the elderly parents of the present owner ran it as a sort of boarding house for hunters and fishermen and the occasional environmental educator, and the going rate offseason was $25/night for a huge apartment. OK -- the good news is the place has been greatly fixed up -- clean, nicely painted, fresh towels etc -- and, alas, the price has increased accordingly ($200/night inseason for that same huge apartment.) But the Gingerbread House has still kept that pleasant, simple country vibe, sort of like visiting a nice older relative who lives at the beach. There is nothing phony about this place. Generally speaking, whatever you might need will be available and will probably work. We just came back fr a long weekend w nine extended family members ranging in age from 18 to 80 (for real) and everyone, no exceptions, had a great time and wants to go back. Two minor downsides: in the downstairs apt (wh is the one I'm most familiar w) one bed is in the livingroom, and two of the other bedrooms are adjoining so that you have to walk through one to get to the other. The upside of this is thst you can comfortably house a lot of people here as long as privacy is not your priority. The second thing is that one v small bathroom is shared by the downstairs. Again, this was not a big deal at all for us, but something to be aware of -- this is a place that requires of its guests some capacity for cooperation, and an ability to enjoy it for what it is, wh is a straightforward, well-loved old house in an incredibly great location. I love and highly recommend this place the way I'd love and recommend a sweater that's been worn long enough to fit just right, or a plain and terrific campground where the same people, and a few new ones, come back year after year after year. You should go! And bring your friends or family! You won't regret it!
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