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‪Maison 140 Beverly Hills‬

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كل شيء على ما يرام. بدت الغرفة مثل الصورة على الموقع. هناك شريط صغير وحميم في الردهة التي كانت لطيفة. كان هناك رائحة غريبة ، رغم ذلك ، وكان علينا شراء معطر جو لغرفتنا.
طالع المزيد
التعليقات التي تم تجميعها بالتعاون مع هذا الفندق.
رد من Saye K، Complex General Manager في ‪Maison 140 Beverly Hills‬
تم الرد بتاريخ 19 نوفمبر 2018
Compass17704566012, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We're happy that you had an overall enjoyable stay and that you had the chance to spend some time at our bar. I hope the issue in your room wasn't too much of an inconvenience. In the future, please do let us know of any issues and we'll be happy to ensure your comfort. We hope to have the chance to welcome you back.
طالع المزيد
رائع! أنني حجزت هذا المكان على الفنادق الليلة. الصور تجعلها تبدو راقية وورك. لا يمكن أن يكون أبعد عن الحقيقة. عندما بحثنا أعطونا غرفة حق قرب المصعد. كان السرير صغيرًا جدًا ، وكان من الممكن أن يتناسب الشعير مع سيدتين صغيرتين. كانت هذه الغرفة الصغيرة والضيقة عبارة عن استوديو لا
طالع المزيد
رد من Saye K، Complex General Manager في ‪Maison 140 Beverly Hills‬
تم الرد بتاريخ 19 نوفمبر 2018
melissaalang, we are very sorry to have disappointed you and regret that we didn't better ensure your comfort and satisfaction. I'll be sharing your feedback with our team, as this falls well below our standards of service. We would appreciate the opportunity to connect directly so we can make this right.
طالع المزيد
موقع ممتاز ولكن الفندق لا يوجد به شيء آخر. غرف صغيرة وحمامات قديمة وموقف سيارات ذاتي باهظ ورسوم "الحزمة الحضرية". للحصول على نفس المال هناك أماكن أفضل بكثير للبقاء في بيفرلي هيلز وغرب هوليوود!
طالع المزيد
رد من Saye K، Complex General Manager في ‪Maison 140 Beverly Hills‬
تم الرد بتاريخ 19 نوفمبر 2018
Stewart P, we are sorry to have let you down. It's important to us that you value your experience and we would love to gain your loyalty. Please know that we try to offer our guests more value by including WiFi, bottled water, and other services in the hotel fee rather than billing incremental charges that add up. We hope to connect with you directly so we can earn your confidence.
طالع المزيد
أقمنا هنا لمدة 3 ليالي ، الموقع مثالي والموظفين لا يصدق مفيدة. خاصة عندما منعنا المرحاض مرتين ، ونظمت واحدة من السيدات رحلة لمشاهدة معالم المدينة. لكنني لم أكن على علم بالباقة الحضرية التي كان يمكنني أن أجمعها من أجل المياه المعبأة في زجاجات والتي قيل لي أنها مجانية. . . وكانت
طالع المزيد
رد من Saye K، Complex General Manager في ‪Maison 140 Beverly Hills‬
تم الرد بتاريخ 15 نوفمبر 2018
Beth W, while we're happy to know you appreciated our location and helpful team, we are sorry you were frustrated by the urban fee. All fees should have been clearly listed on your hotel confirmation. We will be looking at this further, as this should be fully apparent on our communications. We want you to fully value every experience with us and would appreciate the opportunity to welcome you back.
طالع المزيد
كل شيء مثالي ولكن الحمام يستحق تجديده. الموقع مثالي لزيارة لوس أنجليس. الفراش ممتاز. حجم الغرف صغيرة جداً ولكن هذا ليس عيبا بالنسبة لنا.
طالع المزيد
التعليقات التي تم تجميعها بالتعاون مع هذا الفندق.
رد من Saye K، Complex General Manager في ‪Maison 140 Beverly Hills‬
تم الرد بتاريخ 31 أغسطس 2018
akitel981977, thank you for your lovely review. We are happy to know you thought your experience was perfect, and we are very grateful for your feedback. We hope to welcome you back soon!
طالع المزيد
فئات الألبومات
كل الصورالمسافرالغرفة والجناحتناول الطعامحمام السباحة والشاطئ
صورة احترافية مفوضة خصيصًا من TripAdvisor‪Maison 140 Beverly Hills‬
The Studio King at the Maison 140 Beverly Hills
صورة احترافية مفوضة خصيصًا من TripAdvisor‪Maison 140 Beverly Hills‬
The King Suite at the Maison 140 Beverly Hills
صورة مقدمة من الإدارة‪Maison 140 Beverly Hills‬
Maison Room
Suite at Maison 140
Hola, ¿tienen estacionamiento ?
Esquivelau, thank you for your question! Self-parking is available for $37 nightly. The lot is conveniently located right next to the hotel. We look forward to welcoming you to Maison 140!
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عرض كل الإجابات
Do you have handicap parking and what do you charge for it?
They have their own parking lot right next to the hotel and if memory serves, it did have at least one or two handicapped spaces. I think they charge around $12 a day.
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Is there space for parking? What is the parking charge please?
Hello Audrey P, We do offer parking for all of our registered Hotel guests, with the overnight parking fee being at $34 per night. It is self parking with in/out privileges and upon check in you will receive a parking permit for the duration of your stay. The parking lot is attached to the Hotel and is for Hotel guests only. Please do not hesitate to contact the Hotel directly should you need further information.
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عرض كل الإجابات
Hi BcauseRaceCar, Thank you for your questions. I'm happy to give you more information on our amenities. It depends on the dates of your trip as our sister property, Mosaic Hotel, will be reopening after a full renovation in August. 1. Maison 140 offers a continental breakfast buffet each morning from 7-10:30am in the lobby bar. The continental breakfast is not included in the nightly rate. The full buffet is available for $14 per person or you may purchase item a la carte. However, when the Mosaic reopens in early August, their restaurant is available to our guests as well. The Mosaic restaurant offers a full hot breakfast menu that can be billed to your room at Maison 140. 2. Maison 140 does not have a pool. Fortunately, the Mosaic Hotel does have a pool that is available to all Maison 140 guests. The pool will also be open in August when Mosaic reopens. 3. Overnight guest parking is available on an outdoor surface lot immediately next to Maison 140 at a flat rate of $28/nightly. There is no overnight street parking in the city of Beverly Hills unless you have a residency parking permit. I hope the information I provided is helpful. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Sincerely, John P.
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Hola, quisiera saber si se puede aparcar en la calle?
Good Morning, Street parking is not allowed in the City of Beverly Hills. We offer parking for $30 per night.
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