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‪Dew Drop Inn Oceanside B&B‬

‪Munting Gasang‬, ‪Baler‬, لوزون 3200 الفلبين
أقل الأسعار لإقامتك
US$ 38
طالع العرض
الإلغاء مجانًا حتى 24‏/12‏/21
Expedia.comUS$ 38
طالع 9 عرض متاح
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‪Munting Gasang‬, ‪‪Baler‬‬, لوزون 3200 الفلبين
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Elaine C كتب تعليقًا في يونيو 2017
ماكاتى, الفلبين8 مساهمة17 صوت مفيد
I honestly wouldn't recommend this place until the owner makes some improvements or makes their price on the same level with other hotels that are so much nearer to Sabang Beach. Check out the many available accommodations in Baler first. Dew Drop is clean, and safety and security is no problem. The owner is a nice lady. I booked it for an overnight stay since I couldn't get any other lodging. It was a spur of the moment thing. It's a house with several rooms but you'd have to share the toilet with the occupants of the house. The Family Room is outside the house, has its own comfort room, and a stone's throw away from the beach, but it didn't look inviting enough for anyone to want to spend time there. There were many things that looked like hazards or trash beside the Family Room. If the owner could develop some more the family room, make the place neat and tidy it could be OK. But the family room I think is priced at 4thou, or 3thousand pesos, and one can get a much better room in a hote/inn for that price. I booked a room for 2 at 2,200 plus tax, no breakfast, and shared the comfort room with the owner's brother. Which was not a big issue since her brother is a nice man who picked us up from the bus terminal. But it's not a hotel, its not a convenient place to stay, no wifi - anyway, I didn't ask the owner anymore about the wifi since the moment we arrived we wanted to leave the place. Good thing we only stayed for a couple of hours. It's a Bed & Breakfast accommodation, but I've stayed in far superior, more enchanting and more relaxing B&B's before. This place is far from Sabang Beach. Using the comfort room upstairs where our room was located, you'd have to avoid hitting the washing machine and dryer that are placed by the side of the door of the comfort room. All in all, not a good place to stay.
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: مايو 2017
1 صوت مفيد
Elaine C كتب تعليقًا في مايو 2017
8 مساهمة1 صوت مفيد
Dew Drop Inn is a house with several rooms where guests can stay. Rooms come with A/C. I booked it on a spur of the moment decision to visit Baler the very next day. I checked Nalu, Aliya, Surfhouse, Seasta, but all were fully booked. Costa is too pricey for me. I reserved a double room at Dew Drop online and got a call from the owner for confirmation. She also kindly allowed my request for early check-in. I made a deposit thru LBC. She also arranged for our pick-up from the bus terminal. The house is quiet and safe, both are on my criteria for bNb's. But we decided to leave early since we are not comfortable with the shared toilet thing. It was stated on booking.com and I thought if the place is nice enough I can survive sharing the bathroom with other people, anyway, it's only for one day. However, since it's a house, there were some areas that can be improved. Our arrival was funny since the helper couldnt find the owner. The helper told us to go up the second floor but we didn't see the owner. They didnt know which room is ours. They kept calling her as we waited for our room key. Someone showed us to a room outside the main house which turned out to be the family room. Finally we heard the owner talking to someone about not cleaning the right room. So as they cleaned our room we waited. Which is OK, but 6 hours on a bus and then this. We wanted to drop our bags, stretch for a bit and then go out to explore Baler as soon as possible. When our room was ready, we went up and finally saw the room. If they would just use plain white bedsheets with good threadcount maybe its worth staying in that room. Sadly no. There is a partial view of sea when you crane your neck to the right. Mostly you see the neighbor and wild grass. I saw the neighbor's pig, btw. But I didnt get a whiff of pig smell. Maybe it's a clean pig. I want to be as fair as possible when I review. Yes you see the ocean but there is no room to sit and relax because their balcony is tight. They could put a slim table and small chair. You can get a good picture if you aim the camera at the sea, because the surrounding view won't inspire you to stay long on that balcony. Coming out from the bathroom you'd have to avoid the bulky washing machine and dryer. For the price I paid I wanted to enjoy Baler and relax in a simple room where it would be at least a place of comfort. This is not the case. Yes, I enjoyed Baler; the place I stayed - no. After our morning trip we came back to the house and the screen door was locked. So we knocked and raised our voices. Good thing the helper heard us. I.wouldn' t recommend this place right now, hopefully the owner would make improvements on room quality and service. Rate of P 2,250 plus VAT of 250 doesnt come with breakfast. There are many inns and places to stay in Baler for the same price. Try Maple Inn which offers airconditioned rooms with own toilet and priced lower, plus it's walking distance to Sabang Beach. This is where we had lunch so I checked out their rooms. Dew Drop Inn is located at Munting Gasang which is much farther from Sabang Beach than I expected.
طالع المزيد
تاريخ الإقامة: مايو 2017نوع الرحلة: سافرت مع الأصدقاء
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