‪Terrecotte Corradini e Rinaldi‬

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‪متاجر هدايا ومتخصصة‬
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Gaetano C
‪La Spezia‬, إيطاليا56 مساهمة
بمفردك • مايو 2013
‪I visited Corradini for the first time 14 years ago. It is not a fancy place: it is a manufacturing place. I needed to buy the small wedding favors Italians give to guest at their marriage. I went to their lab and I saw how they paint their objects. It is very interesting and they are astonishing in their work. You should call them to be sure they are at work when you visit them. The last time I visited the place I bought a terracotta for my garden: they are high quality stuff and a bargain with respect to any normal shop. If you plans to bring your ceramics on a plane, please put it in your hand luggage: it is fragile and even in the middle of a lot of clothes they will break.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 9 يونيو 2013
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