‪Via Francigena Tappa 26 Massa - Camaiore‬

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‪Via Francigena Tappa 26 Massa - Camaiore‬
‪مناطق للتنزه سيرًا ذات مناظر طبيعية خلابة‬ • ‪مناطق للسير في أجواء تاريخية‬
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‪I cannot say anything about the second half of the stage, but only about the first one, which I traveled with my family on a sunny Sunday in March (which became more cloudy in the afternoon), using the train to get to Massa and to leave from the Seravezza station. .
This part of the stage stands out first of all because not a single meter of it is on a dirt road: it takes place all on a paved road.
Luckily, these paved roads have a low traffic density, with the notable exception of a stretch of about 2 kms between Massa and Montignoso. However, even in this case the road is equipped with a sidewalk.
Another feature is that the stretch, in order to avoid the heavy urbanized coastal plain as much as possible, "takes refuge", so to speak, for most of its route on the last hilly offshoots descending from Mount Folgorito. This happens by climbing from Capanne (a hamlet of Montignoso ) up to over 400 meters of height, then by descending to the level of the plain in the place called Strettoia (a hamlet of Pietrasanta).
Both the ascent and descent are moderate, but long. In the central section of this elevated path, the panorama is rewarding, extending from the coastal plain below to the Gulf of La Spezia (among others, the islet of Palmaria stands out very well).
It should be obvious but it's better to repeat it: in the case of this long hilly deviation, the marked path of the modern Via Francigena has been traced to be pleasant to the traveler, but in no way it can match with the one walked in the Middle Ages by travelers (and today completely unattractive); that is, along the path, here straight and at the foot of the reliefs, of the Roman Via Aurelia, which in turn in this section coincides approximately with the current #1 National Road of the same name.
Overall this hilly stretch, but also the first stretch, leaving Massa, are very appreciable: they redeem the low landscape quality of other stretches.‬
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