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أغسطس 2011
‪Entrance via the monastery church. Opened in 1991, located in the 13th-14th century former cartusian monastery, in the former anchorage, the Chapter Hall and six reconstructed monk cottages with associated garden plot. A model presents an overview of the entire complex. In the former anchorage the life of Carthusians is shown, who lived according the strict rule of Saint Bruno of Cologne and wanted to serve God in silence, solitude and poverty. In an anchorhold with a squint, main-and workspace and adjacent garden one can empathize the way of life of a cartusian monk. Such a cell existed of: Ave Maria (porch), Cubiculum (main-, prayer- and bedroom) and a "Laboratory" (workplace). At the 2nd floor modern Religious Art is displayed: 50 objects in former chancel screen and library (from 1947 studio painter K Clobe), further 3 oil paintings from 1750 depicting scenes from the life of holy Bruno of Cologne. In the courtyard a sandstone relief depicting "St Hieronymus in holder" with the Latin inscription: Die Stadt ist für mich ein Kerker, die Einsamkeit das Paradies (for me the city is a Dungeon, the loneliness a Paradise). Their chosen solitude is no flight but a help in their quest for the "middle of the world", Jesus Christ. According enclosed religious orders was the monastery at Tückelhausen chosen for its desolate location.‬
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