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Meredith J
‪Woodstock‬, نيويورك14 مساهمة
زوجان •
‪Grand Rapids is an amazing city to bike in, Central District Cyclery is definitely one of the reasons for that. My boyfriend and I decided to rent bikes during a trip to Grand Rapids and found Central City online. They had a nice and varied selection of bikes to rent, and the rates are very reasonable. The rental periods were broken down into several different options for chunks of time, so that made it easy to fit it in with our schedule. The guys working in the shop were incredibly nice and helpful. They made sure we each got bikes that were well fitted, gave us free bottles of water for the ride when I asked if we could buy water bottles there, and recommended a really lovely bike trail to take just slightly outside of the city center.

The beauty of the trails around Grand Rapids cannot be understated. They go on for miles on end, and there is so much variety to the surroundings. The rental bikes had easy handle grip shifts, so all the terrain was easily manageable. When we returned the bikes the guys gave us some amazing suggestions for breweries to visit, and a great place to have dinner. The whole experience was so good we rented bikes again the following day. The staff at the shop ended up being our unofficial tour guides to the city, carefully marking maps for us with "must visit" places, chatting about the incredible beer scene in the city, and ultimately sending us to some of our favorite spots in Grand Rapids.
For so many reasons, I would recommend anyone visiting Grand Rapids to rent bikes here, it is such a lovely way to experience the city, and the recommendations of the staff made our trip so much richer.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 1 يناير 2015
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