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‪‪43/214 Moo 7‬‬, راواي, فوكيت 83138 تايلاند

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كارديف, UKمساهمتيْن
بمفردك • أغسطس 2015
‪I trained with the gym while I was living in Phuket, I intended on trying a few new gyms out, but after a couple of weeks here it felt like home and I stayed with the gym for many months. The training, as with most Muay Thai camps, is typically intense, but is open to all levels of fitness and Muay Thai experience, you will be tested and pushed to your personal limit without being expected to do things beyond your capabilities.
I mostly trained with P'Ae (The head trainer) and his brother P'Ao. I felt my technique, fitness and durability had been taken to a different level, just within the first month of my time there. I had trained at other gyms for months before, and never felt the level of progress I got at V.Hemtanon. P'Ae is a vastly experienced Lumpinee fighter and champion, he is well respected also.

The trainers live on site and are incredibly welcoming, it's common for them to invite guests to eat with them in the evenings and they often take trips to the beach with customers and spend time socializing outside of their working hours. They are very laid back and quick to help with any requests, I've watched them fix motorbikes free of charge, feed guests, treat injuries and give advise countless times.

The rooms themselves are very clean, spacious and comfortable. All rooms have ensuite bathrooms with western toilets, a large main room with a double bed, LCD TV, fridge and wardrobes and drawers. They also have Thai Style open air kitchens with a sink, these are not equipped with appliances. The site has WiFi, a large training area for Muay Thai, and weights/fitness area. Some of their fitness and weight training equipment is in less than great condition. However the Muay Thai area's rings, heavy bags and shadow boxing space are all very well maintained.

The road V.Hemtanon is situated on is a little bumpy, but it is quite and only a few minutes drive away from the famous Nai Harn and Rawai beaches, there are a lot of fantastic restaurants nearby catering to almost all styles of food
There is a lively nightlife a few minutes drive away, with Banana Plaza Bar's and a lot of independent bars in the area (As is the case with most of Phuket)
There are also 2 nightclubs nearby, Icon and Laguna.

Overall, if you are looking for friendly and sincere trainers that will help you achieve goals in weight-loss, fitness or fight training, while still given a sense of hospitality and relaxation outside of training, you can't go wrong with this Gym.

Also of note, they are possibly the best priced gym for accommodation and training packages in the area, and as it is fairly new the accommodations are in top notch condition‬
كُتب بتاريخ 9 نوفمبر 2015
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