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الأصدقاء • يناير 2016
‪The day before around midday we realised going to James Bond island for water sports would not be the same if we didn't wear tuxedos and Bond girl jumpsuits!
The tailor had an outrageous great sense of humor and service. One set of measurments for all 4 suits at midday and they delivered them to our hotel at 2am ready for our 7.30am pick up to explore the islands in style.
The suits were a cracking fit for that turn around and price. He understood we were having fun and made it as cheap as possible without dropping his standards..
In total it was 18000 which is about $250-300 for all 4 pieces.
The laughs, comments and ridiculous amounts of tourists taking pictures made our day (my birthday!). Thank you to Shyam! You are a rockstar, gentleman and great tailor!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 26 يناير 2016
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