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Trevor S
سيدني, أستراليا110 مساهمات
‪We're approached by Vijay in the street neat Jungle long and we're persuaded by his sales pitch. That is where it ended. All we got was promises for the next day and excuses of seamstresses not finishing the work. Eventually after 12 days goy 1 piece but 3 still to come. Lesson learnt. Always read reviews before committing to purchase. A define " stay away from" business‬
كُتب بتاريخ 9 يناير 2015
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بيرث, أستراليامساهمتيْن
زوجان • أغسطس 2014
‪It's a shame as there were so many other tailor shops in Patong but we decided to go with Master Tailors.

We paid for one shirt on the Sunday and was told it would be ready by the next morning. We arrived the next afternoon and it was not ready (Monday). He told us to came back later that night, so we did and it was ready. The shirt was great, good quality, fit my partner perfectly but the back had to be adjusted slightly. Down fall was, it wasn't the colour we asked for!! Lucky it wasn't a bad colour, so we took it anyway.

We ordered another 4 shirts and was told they would be read for Tuesday. We had an all day tour Tuesday so we arrived to see him Wednesday to find that only 3 of the 4 shirts were made. Again, they fit great and the back of the shirts had been adjusted as promised.

We paid for the other 4 shirts as the shopkeeper said they would be delivered to our hotel at 11am the next morning (Thursday) as we were still waiting for the other shirt to be made. Come 12pm, they hadn't arrived so I called him. He assured me they would be delivered by 4:30-5pm that afternoon as he was still sewing the buttons on.

Come 6pm, we had no items delivered so once again I phoned the shopkeeper. He answered, "I am on my way now, I am on my way". The shirts were delivered within the hour. To our surprise, one was missing and another one was incorrect, AGAIN. Completely different colour & style!!

I phoned the shopkeeper in frustration and he said the will be delivered 10am the next day (Friday).

It is now 11:45am and no delivery of our shirts as promised, I had just called the shopkeeper and told him we are coming to get our money back for the 2 shirts.

If anyone has any issues with Master Tailors, don't waste your money paying for taxis back and fourth, his contact details are 087-4613875.

I cannot stress enough how frustrated my partner and I are with this poor service.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 21 أغسطس 2014
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أوسلو, النرويج26 مساهمة
بمفردك • مايو 2014
‪It is a pity that my experience with this shop is so horrible, because the shirts they made for me look good, are a good fit and show good craftsmanship. I ordered eight shirts from this shop, and they promised to have them done in two days. The fact that it took them eleven days to make them and I had to visit the shop eight times (!!) seriously damages the impression they give.

I ordered nine shirts to be sewn, and it was agreed that the first shirt which would serve as master for the rest would be ready for fitting the next morning. The next morning I was told it would be ready in the afternoon. In the afternoon the shopkeeper told me that.... get the picture? It took four days for the master shirt to be ready.

Three days later, following the same routine by calling back tomorrow, the first couple of shirts were done. The fabrics and the colours were not at all what we had agreed upon and the shirts were hideous. It all needed to be redone. So we went through the order again, and I wrote down very clearly the specifications for each shirt; fabric and colour code, details for inlays and how the buttonholes should be finished.

Another five days. "Come back tomorrow. Will be ready this afternoon. Factory is now closed, will pick up tomorrow". The last agreement we made was that the shirts would be delivered to my hotel by 10.00 the following morning. Needles to say, they were not.

In fact, I did get all my shirts the last minute before I left Phuket. Three of the shirts are made exactly as I ordered them.

My advice is to NOT use this tailor's shop. You will have to spend very much time following up the agreements you make, and deadlines are consequently not being met.

This is a pity, because the sweatshop that makes these garments are doing a very good job. The shirts look good, stitches and buttonholes look great, the fit is perfect. The prices too are very reasonable, but that matters very little when you risk that your garments are not ready before you leave.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 10 مايو 2014
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