‪Big Fish Sports Fishing Mombasa‬
‪مومباسا، كينيا‬
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‪Big Fish Sports Fishing Mombasa‬
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‪Poughkeepsie‬, نيويورك6 مساهمات
زوجان • ‪ديسمبر 2018‬
‪We flew to Mombasa, Kenya, just to go on this fishing tour. It wasn't worth the trip. All we caught were blue tunas and huge goldfish. I almost caught a smoked salmon, but it got away. Not only that, but our guide asked us each for a $1,000 tip...can you believe that? My husband (Frank) had to punch out the guide in order for us to get away, but we finally did. Oh - and the entire crew smelled like rotten fish. We will not go back there again.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 3 يناير 2019
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Honestly cannot remember Frank or his wife, my attention was drawn to this comment by a regular client. Many times tour guides book trips for the clients and before every trip an introduction is given by the skipper relating to safety , weather and sea conditions and fighting the fish. It is also explained to the clients that whilst we will try to put them on fish, we do not give any guarantees. Also any gratuity given is at clients discretion. Guides do not normally go on the boat unless invited by the client. Seems Frank and his wife did catch fish but his guide seemed dodgy . As for the crew, they all have t-shirts with company logo and all our regular and non regular clients have so far never complained about personal hygiene . We understand that on a boat one is always in a close proximity with others. For other comments and videos, check out our Facebook page.
كُتب بتاريخ 3 يناير 2020
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