‪Mae Charim National Park‬

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‪‪35 Mu 5, Ban Huai Sai Mun, Nam Pai Sub-district‬‬, ‪‪Mae Charim‬‬ 55170 تايلاند

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الأصدقاء • فبراير 2016
‪We did some out of season rafting on the Wa river, taking a leisurely 7-8 hours to drift down and enjoy the amazing forested steep riverbanks. Probably one of the most beautiful rivers in Thailand. The rapids were fun but occasionally a bit too shallow but the getting out and pushing and pulling was part of the fun.
We stayed in a picturesque little home stay in the rice fields at Mae Charim town belonging to a local policeman's wife (her sister was the agent for the rafting tour and had been recommended to us by the place we stayed in Nan
Very beautiful area, but bear in mind there are very few places selling food in the evenings so eat early or arrange meals through the home stay. We can recommend the kind of baked chicken they found for us!‬
كُتب بتاريخ 10 أبريل 2016
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