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Chepstow24 مساهمة
‪A Truly Extraordinary Day Out‬
الأصدقاء • يناير 2014
‪We've experienced hawks before at displays and spent time in the US watching eagles from a distance but this was a very different kind of experience - up close and personal with the fiercest, wildest, most independent creatures possible. A fabulous and very full day out with professional falconer, Paul Melton, including hunting with hawks in the countryside, flying birds to and from the wrist, and feeding them by hand - as rewards for doing their natural thing!

For me the afternoon session - after a terrific lunch cooked by Paul's partner Julie - was one of the most memorable things about an unforgettable day. We drove up to the top of the hills that surround the Einion Valley and, having practiced working with the lure, set first a peregrine and then a lanner free to come to the lure. The younger, less experienced, peregrine swooped past me a couple of times and eventually snatched the lure - but the big excitement came when we left the lanner sitting on a rock, drove about a quarter of a mile down hill, and whistled for her to come to the lure. I watched spellbound as my wife swung her leather lure and the lanner came at her like a jet fighter, tearing past and peeling back to take the lure and pin it to the ground. All in all an astonishing display of power speed and sheer flying expertise.

Paul is a wise and gentle teacher and his love of his birds is apparent in everything he does and says. He also has an undying curiosity which makes him as much an artist as a craftsman. It was great to spend a day with a countryman who not only knows his field but is happy and willing to share it.

The local landscape is inspiring and the day is full of camera opportunities - the birds don't seem to mind cameras at all - but I imagine its good to ask first. I'd suggest you bring sturdy walking boots and waterproofs too, though the weather for us stayed perfect throughout.

For me the high point of the day was holding Paul's goshawk on my wrist. Having seen them in the wild before and been astonished by their magical untameable quality - to have this pent-up, nervy yet incredibly fierce thoroughbred sitting on my wrist, pupils dilating as it sized me up, was both a joy and a wonder. An unforgettable meeting with nature in the raw.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 21 أبريل 2014
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Kingston Surrey13 مساهمة
‪Wonderful day with a man who really knows what he is talking about‬
زوجان • أبريل 2014
‪I bought my husband a present, of a day with Paul Melton and his birds. Amazing.

It is always hard when buying over the net to know what you are getting. With Paul we had a very experienced man, who has been flying these birds for decades, and really knows what he is talking about. He has worked with hawks for many years and now offers displays and days for corporate groups. We had a stunning day with him, that started with us learning about handling the birds, and how to care for them. We then took 2 hawks out with his spaniel, and it was wonderful to see them working as a team. We had the opportunity to bring the birds back to the wrist, and send them off flying again. It was genuinely exciting to be so closely involved with everything that was happening. Then back for a wonderful lunch, before going out again, this time with his falcons, and a lure, to be involved in a very different kind of experience, seeing the speed of a falcon catching its prey. Learning to use the lure, as Paul said, "it takes 5 minutes to learn and a lifetime to perfect" - but he let us have a go, and it was great fun. Finally we came back to base, and expereinced the silence of the flight of a tawny owl...again, a very different experience. We left feeling full, deeply satisfied, and very grateful to Paul for the depth of his knowledge, his patience in answering all our questions, and his generosity in sharing his enthusiasm for the birds. We will be back. Thank you Paul. A stunning day out, and very good value.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 21 أبريل 2014
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