‪Weingut Otto Pfaffmann‬

تعليقات حول - ‪Weingut Otto Pfaffmann‬, ‪Landau in der Pfalz‬

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الأصدقاء • مارس 2013
‪We were a group of 13 adults wanting to see a German winery, and ordered a "Weinprobe" at Otto Pfaffmann pretty much by coincidence. Early March - but we still did a walk of the Weinberg, which was very interesting. Everything was explained to us, the vineyards were decorated with sculptures of local artists - and they even had a demo section where you in the fall can look at and taste the whole range of grapes for white and red wines. Afterwards followed aperitif and weinprobe in the Weingut. Very good wines and nibbles, with higly competent hosts - university educated in wine making - explaining us the differences between the different wines. The included lunch was home made and simply delicious - we felt like having been taken into the home of the wine makers. Very welcome.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 15 أبريل 2013
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