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Joanna B
وارويك, UK19 مساهمة
5.0 من 5 دوائر
زوجان • ‪سبتمبر 2013‬
‪My husband and I stumble across this Bike tour company (I think whilst trying to find a different one!). Anyway, we were so glad we did - the guy at the shop apologised as the English speaking guide was off ill over the two days we were going to be in Barcelona, but offered to do a tour for us himself - he apparently usually only did the Spanish and French tours, but his English was superb. As they were quiet, he took just the two of us out for 3 hours and showed us all the sights we wanted to see. As he was a Barcelona native, we saw some fantastic places (as well as the usual tourist hotspots), and the bicycles were virtually brand new. We couldn't have asked for more.

Don't be put off by the lack of reviews, the company is very new. We hired bikes another day from a different company who weren't a patch on these guys.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 8 سبتمبر 2013
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