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غرناطة, إسبانيا32 مساهمة
بمفردك • أغسطس 2018
‪Una vergüenza, vas con una simple avería y te encuentran muchas más,vas con cosas bien y salen rotas..no voy ni para dar un recado...no lo aconsejo..unos ladrones.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 23 أغسطس 2018
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شتشيتسين, بولندا3 مساهمات
‪Not reccomended‬
الأصدقاء • مارس 2017
‪We have rented 3 MTB bikes from them. The price was very high comparing to the equipment we got. Each bikes had a problem: broken frame (welded sloppily), worn out tires and rear will coming off. Not a nice thing when you ride in the mountains...
What's worse the guy promised to refund the deposit via Paypal after we left but it never happened. So the total cost was 100 eur more. I don't recommend this rental shop.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 11 أبريل 2017
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John T
تورونتو, كندا49 مساهمة
‪A great bike shop with fabulous rentals‬
زوجان • أكتوبر 2014
‪We are always looking for interesting bike shops and wandered in to Bull Bikes, not expecting much. We got there and they were actually closed (2-4 PM usually) but as some of the staff were still there getting ready for an afternoon ride, they let us in to browse. Our Spanish is terrible, but we were made most comfortable in spite of the fact we were probably holding up their ride - a thing I never want to do to another cyclist. We bought some gear, they have a very nice road shop kit and wind vests, but it got us so excited that I called the next day and we arranged (in my horrible Spanish) to rent two carbon road bikes. Mine was a Willier with Campag. I was very pleased. The bikes were in excellent shape and staff worked with us to put on our pedals and fit the bikes out properly. We took off toward the Sierra Nevada and proceeded to have one of the best of many great days of cycling in Spain. The climb out of town and into the mountains is breathtaking, especially astounding for flatlanders like ourselves, and stopping for lunch up in one of the small towns up in the hills was great. We had alread done a long week of riding from Seville, but this was an additional highlight. When we got back, staff seemed enthused that we had had such a great afternoon. I would love to go back and rent and ride out of Granada for a period of time. The city is amazing, but the rides out are really incredible. Any serious road cyclists would love this shop, oh, and of course, the store is probably evenly split with very impressive mountain bikes, so that lot will be well accommodated as well. What I really loved though was the ease and enthusiasm that staff treated us with...‬
كُتب بتاريخ 30 أكتوبر 2014
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