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Olen, Belgium6,113 مساهمة
زوجان • مايو 2012
‪18th Century, Holy Trinity Chapel. Until 1811 a cemetery was located around the old church which was closed down in 1811. From Johann Arend Kron some land outside the village was purchased for 100 Reichsthaler where the new parish cemetery was created, during sewer works the chapel was demolished. It was in1894 rebuilt by Franz-Josef Karbach, at its own expense and effort. In the seventies many valuable images were stolen in churches in Koblenz and its region, so Pastor Friederich, with consent of the Council, removed the statue "God the father" (folk art) from the chapel and gave it a worthy place in the parish church. There was outrage when it was learned that the two huge lime trees that embrace the chapel had to be removed. In 1971 the Council decided the gradient the streets around the trees.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 31 مايو 2012
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