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Olen, Belgium6,113 مساهمة
زوجان • مايو 2012
‪1731, Complex: oblong Baroque half-timbered House, partially solid, Mansard roof, half-timbered work shop.The ground floor and first floor are built in Quarry Stone, the top floor and the attic in timber framing. The mansard roof and the slightly jettied attic are typical for this construction period. The roof construction is simple, usually divided into threshold -window- abutment. Large granery, detached wooden construction: in this building used to be a "Halfenstation" with horses (cotter farm) and a building where wine was pressed. Halfen: burlaks, cotters living in the vicinity of the river harnessed horses to ships and pulled them upstream along the bank ("treideln", a Russian epithet for a person who hauled barges and other vessels upstream from the 17th to 20th centuries) if there was not enough wind. Present it is a residence.‬
كُتب بتاريخ 31 مايو 2012
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